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Video Coaching Samples:

  • Action in Zoom Auditions – Amy works with Brittney Paul via zoom on how to physicalize a scene during a zoom audition.
  • What Happens When You Decide How To Say Your Lines? – What happens when a casting director gives you a redirect but you have already decided how to say a line… then you run that line over and over?
  • Why Running Lines To Memorize Is The Wrong Approach – Amy helps a student go from SAYING the lines to FEELING the lines.
  • The Importance of Studying The Other Person’s Dialogue – Understanding the clues in the dialogue of the other person is just as important as your own dialogue.
  • Teen Roles – You have to think about how teens talk and why they switch to stupid conversations for no reason! Also, the importance of having an emotional journal to understand “How You Are Feeling” when breaking down a scene.

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