Amy Lyndon Answers All Your Questions Without Having To Pay Hundreds Of Dollars For A Career Consultation.

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Marketing Call Samples:

  • How To Pop Your Read – This Marketing Call focuses on breaking your self-sabotaging habits and making your audition pop when you get in the room.
  • Booking Do’s And Don’ts – This Marketing Call focuses on specific booking Do’s and Don’ts that actors tend to miss when breaking down a script.
  • How To Use Momentum To Propel Your Career – An actor’s career is always in motion. The question is: are you on your way up, or are you on your way down? You have the power to decide, and this Marketing Call will tell you how to gain and use that momentum!
  • How To Agent Your Agent & Manage Your Manager – Your representation is a very important part of your career if you know how to work with them! Amy was a Personal Manager – CEO for over 9 years and founded a large management company, and in this Marketing Call she shares her expertise! 
  • Get Your Sh*t Together – This Marketing Call focuses on the importance of having your package ready for Episodic Season.

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