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Podcast Samples:

  • Tell Me About Yourself (Interview Prep) – Every actor dreads the part of the meeting where the agent, manager, casting director or producer asks so…. “Tell Me About Yourself?” Well, you never have to worry about it again as Amy Lyndon walks you through exactly what to say.
  • How to Format a Resume – Amy goes into billing for Television and Film, Theater, Stand Up, Special Skills, Training; and how to develop your resume based on your own credits, training and skills.
  • What Is Standing In Your Way – Do you cast your part in the waiting room? Are you easily distracted? In this audio lecture, Amy teaches you how to see what is standing in your way of success.
  • Breaking Down The Script – A TASTE of “The 15 Guideline Map To Booking.” Learn why this technique has helped hundreds of actors realize their dream.
  • Aaron Sorkin Week Part 1 – In conjunction with Syracuse University, Academy Award-winner Aaron Sorkin invited Amy Lyndon to speak at “Aaron Sorkin” week for several years. Listen to the information that an Academy Award-winning writer wants his actors to know!

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