These Articles Cover Acting As A Business, and Provide Great Marketing Strategies and Inspirational Messages To Keep You Going And On Track!

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Article Samples:

  • Don’t Be Stupid – Actors do a lot of dumb things. This article is a brief kick-in-the-pants that wakes you up to some of the stupid stuff you might not even know you’re doing.
  • 3 Easy Ways To Market – This article addresses the need to network and how to do it without feeling like you’re being smarmy or creepy. Network with ease!
  • Consistency Cures Anxiety – Choosing acting as a career choice can prove to be a bit stressful at times. It’s easy to get stressed and anxious about your career. However, there is a cure.
  • Who’s Who On The Crew – One of the factors that distinguish a newbie actor from a professional is their lack of familiarity with the crew. Creating scripted content for film and television takes a small village made up of various creative, technical, and economical talents. In this article, learn who’s who on the crew.
  • 10 Requirements for Consistently Working Actors – Have you ever wondered why some actors are working more than others?  The question you should really be asking yourself is, “Am I doing everything in my power to put my best foot forward?” 

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