This MP3 Library Of Motivational Minutes Will Inspire You To Get Out There And BOOK BIG!

Over 85 To Listen To For A Daily Shot Of Success Principals And Inspiration Any Time You Want!

Motivation Samples:

  • Photos That Match The Roles You Play – Amy speaks about Branding. It is important to write down adjectives or descriptive words for the roles you have been cast in. Do you have pictures that match those descriptions? Make sure the essence of who you are is represented in your photos.
  • The Callback – Do you have questions about how to handle a callback? Check out this motivational minutes.
  • The Elevator Pitch – Listen to this Motivational Minute to find out how to sell yourself effectively to industry professionals.
  • After The Audition – Do you obsess after an audition? Do you constantly check your email or voice messages?  Do you ask for feedback from your representatives?  Learn how to handle yourself, “After The Audition.”
  • Fear Will Keep You Broke – FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.  Don’t let your fears keep you broke.  Realize and release your fears.

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