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We recently had Amy Lyndon as one of our special guest speakers, and boy were we glad we did! She is like the Tasmanian devil of actor’s proactivity! She is funny, energetic, and most importantly, highly skilled in showing actors how to get off the couch and go and make something happen for their careers!

Kari Nissena


Amy is my “go to” acting coach when i want my clients to book! She takes the actor that’s ready for the next level to that next level by teaching them the true art of what it means to be an actor and embrace each scene and to respect the words on the page. Amy has truly cracked the “booking code” for my clients and has taught them to be confident in the room and to own their choices. Thank you, Amy!

Becky Poliakoff

Manager, Hg5 Entertainment

The day I joined I asked myself why didn’t I join sooner. I had no idea, NO IDEA, the wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and actual guidance The Actor’s Toolbox has to offer.  It should honestly be a requirement to join The Actor’s Toolbox because you don’t actually know what you don’t know, until you join. Thank you so much for this site.


You have given me the tools to not only ‘nail’ the audition but also how to run myself as a business and get the auditions in the first place! I feel on top of my game and can’t thank you enough. I now have a number of ‘secret weapons’ that will put me ahead of everyone else in the casting room! Please, Please, Please come over to the UK!



OMG TLT is FN amazing! It’s like an afternoon delight!


Seeing what you get out of your students in such a short time is amazing to watch. I am not just saying this, but your class and the environment you have created is the first I have found in LA to allow me to be free to just focus on the work and not feel nerves. I have audited quite a few!

Valmike Rampersad

Producer/Actor, Series Regular – Cloud Nine – England

I love you and what you do in this business. Keep it up, mama. You are a true gem in this industry and these actors are SO lucky to have you.

Theo Caesar

Talent Agent, 90210 Talent Agency

WOW!  Look at you!!   You are the Tony Robbins of the acting business.  And I say that with great revere.  Beautiful site.  And your available audio, video, and written advice is awesome… very motivating.


Loving The Actor’s Toolbox! So useful! Just watched an amazing video lecture, which was exactly what I needed to watch today!!


Thanks again for the positive reinforcement of what we as actors may need to hear and practice and meditate on as we travel the journey. It sometimes seems as though you’re talking directly to me!


Thank you for all your help. I couldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for you. My mom & I are still in disbelief. Thank you so so much!

Paris Berelc

Series Regular, Mighty Med/Alexa & Katie

I’m a subscriber and I love it. You can listen to the audio lectures any time, while you are at work, at the office, or in the car. You can watch the video coaching with Real Actors, there are interviews, articles and so much more. I find myself listening and playing them over and over again. I learn something new every time. Oh and have I mentioned I have not finished it yet. She has so much content. Very helpful and educational. Thank you Amy.


I truly loved listening to the lectures! How amazing that a recording of a class can be so empowering, straight talking and inspirational! I just wish I could have listened to all of your lectures as soon as I left Drama School!


Amy Lyndon’s website The Actor’s Toolbox is pure brilliance. I am just getting back in the business after a hiatus and everything is so different. The Actor’s Toolbox provides every tool an actor needs to stay motivated and take charge of their career with confidence. I can’t wait to jump into the scene again. Thank you, Amy!